News from Casa de Piedra - via Satellite phone

Just had a quick chat with Ray via Satellite phone - kindly lent to him by Nick. Ray and Jay are doing well, they got their first glimpse of the peak as they came into camp today, this boosted their spirits. Ray said their feet took a pounding as the terrain was loose stone and after walking on this for 6-7hrs his feet need a well deserved rest. It has been very hot during the day but as evening arrives the temperature drops and its very pleasant. They will be heading up to Plaza Argentina tomorrow and he will try contact me with more news.

If you see this Ray - original documents via DHL have arrived in Buenos Aires this morning.

Day 04: Sunday - Pampa de Leñas / Casa de Piedra (3 600 m)

This trek lasts about 6 hours. Like in the previous day, they will set up their tents with a partner and will be able to rest while waiting for dinner to be ready. Casa de Piedra is located at the junction of the Relinchos and Vacas valleys. Just before arriving at camp they will get the first glimpse of Aconcagua looking up the Relinchos Valley.

Throughout the expedition they will enjoy all meals (breakfast, packed-lunch on the move and dinner.) These meals are carefully planned by professionals to have a balanced diet. Breakfast should be tortillas and scrambled eggs. Dinner should be Argentina beef. During the expedition, cooks prepare every meal, with a fixed menu from Day 3, except at the high altitude camps, where the guides will be in charge of the cooking.

first view of aconcagua at casa de piedra casa de piedra cowboys cooking dinner

Day 03: Saturday - Puente del Inca / Pampa de Leñas (3 000m)

I haven't heard from Ray yet, probably because they are in a Valley and has no signal. Below is taken from their itinerary.

The group will be driven to the entrance of the Park in a private van and will start with the trek to Pampa de Leñas Camp. The equipment will be carried by mules. At arrival, they will set up tents and will be able to rest.

While they are gaining height, their bodies need some time to start with the process of acclimatization. Therefore, it is extremely important to stop for a night in Pampa de Leñas and the following day continue with the trek to Casa de Piedra.
In every stop, they will meet the Arrieros (Muleteer), who will give them their gear to spend the night. The guides will help them to set up the tents, and will prepare dinner and breakfast.

pampa1 pampa de lenas 1

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