All aboard for Puente del Inca

jay permit s Putting my signature here on the "Authorization to enter Aconcagua Provincial Park" for Jayson  proved to be quite a challenge.
To cut a very long story short. After dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's that the legal system in South Africa and Argentina threw at us, we finally got a permit for Jayson.
The past 24hrs has been a see-saw of emotional ups and downs.

Many thanks to Sheryl De klerk the attorney who helped us and to the High Court for their amazing help. Also to my awesome co-pilot today Ian Clark. The tour guide team in Argentina - Aymara who made the final step happen with their persistence many thanks.

The bus was delayed by about an hour while Ray and Jay had to see yet another lawyer in connection with the saga of Hague Apostille.....!

The team leaves Mendoza permit in hand and arrives in Punta del Inca after about 4 hours of driving. Punta del Inca is situated at 2 715 meters.  They will spend the night in dormitory style rooms.

The name Puenta del Inca comes from the impressive natural sulphur bridge that crosses the Horcones river. Naturally heated mineral water pour into man made pools where I am sure the whole team will relax.

puente del inca

Day 1: Mendoza

Ray and Jay arrived exhausted but excited in Mendoza. They have all checked into a fancy 4 star hotel for 2 nights......hmmm I thought they were climbing a mountain.....!  They get to exploring this charming city of Mendoza, in the heart of the wine country, is always a highlight of this trip. This will be right up Rays' alley and it will drive him nuts that he cannot taste all those delicious wines in his reach. Today they will wander around and enjoying the parks, sidewalk cafes even try some local cuisine. Also giving them a chance to take care of any last minute stuff they may need. The team will meet up for dinner later.   Mendoza is a 4hr bus drive away from the mountain range.

Some info as to which way they climbing up Aconcagua. They climbing via the False Polish Glacier Route which was opened in 1934 by a group of Polish mountaineers (it explains its name) and it was the first route after the Normal Route. It´s known worldwide for its natural beauties its enormous landscapes and it has become one of the classic routes for sportive Andes enthusiasts.

At The Airport - 3 Jan

at the airport
Ray and Jay at the airport early this morning. They were bubbling with nervous excitement and eager to meet the rest of their team.

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