Sponsors: Payments & Costs

Sponsors Payments

Ray & Jay objectives have been comprehensively clarified on this site - to achieve these goals, Ray & Jay require sponsors' financial commitments to the costs to be incurred.

Ray & Jays’ intention is to keep the financial aspects of the process clean and direct.

No bank account will be opened for this project.

All expenses have been detailed on Income and Expense spreadsheets, that will be made available to the sponsors. These spreadsheets will be updated regularly.

The authorised written financial commitments of each sponsor will be registered as income on the spreadsheet (however no monies will change hands)

Ray & Jay will source the materials, equipment ,clothing and services and will submit the receipts to the respective sponsors for payment.

The  details of payments made will be deducted from the spreadsheets accordingly

At the end of the final expedition any money committed by the sponsors, not used for by Ray & Jay for expedition purposes will be paid to The Sunflower Fund and/or the SANBS Apheresis (Platelet) Unit and/or be used to assist other Cancer/Leukemia Survivors to fulfill their dream quests.

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