Day 15: Camp 3 / Plaza de Mulas Base Camp

camp image plaza de mulas

If all went according to plan and they summited yesterday and returned to Camp 3 as their itinerary planned then early morning today they descend all the way to base camp on the other side of the mountain - Plaza del Mulas (Place of Mules). This is the busiest camp in Aconcagua Park.

There are bathrooms, showers, e-mail and satellite telephones. Which I am sure they cannot wait to make full use of. Plaza de Mulas also has medical service (provided by Aconcagua Park), Park Rangers and is the base of operations for the Rescue Patrol.

They also have the third highest webcam in the world - Ray and Jay have promised to go and wave to us there. Hopefully this will work.  I will let you know when he does and past pictures can be accessed here.

Day 14: Camp 3 to Summit (6 962 m) back to Camp 3

campo2 cumbre gSUMMIT DAY (weather permitting)

Climbing day from Camp 3 to the Summit and return to Camp 3. This is the big day!! They will get up very early in the morning, have breakfast, and start climbing, do a traverse to the Normal Route. They  will summit, enjoy an incredible experience, and return to Camp 3.
This will take somewhere around 10 to 18 hours.

From Camp 3 the route continues along the Northwest ridge, passing what was the highest refuge in the world Refugia Independencia at 6 550 m. From these ruins they continue climbing up and right, crossing the Cresta del Viento (very windy crest) and then heading up the upper part of the Gran Acarreo to Canaleta. The Canaleta is a 33-degree scree chute, which rises 400 meters and requires great patience and stamina.

The only communication has been a sms received from Nick last night - Team at Camp 3 all ok. Weather remains clear so summit attempt today should be good. Then back to Camp 3 and Plaza de Mulas base camp on Thursday. They have an extra day if necessary.
Nick unfortunately had to come down the mountain after leaving the team at Camp 1. He has a stomach problem which is not responding to treatment up on the mountain and will need to get medical care in Mendoza.

Day 13: Camp 2 / Camp 3 (5 800 m)

carrying equipment camp2 to camp3They move the last of the gear up. This is the highest camp - Camp Colera.  Five - six hours of climbing to top camp where they will rest for the night and, weather permitting, head for the summit tomorrow. Acclimatising will be hard and requires patience.

Hopefully I will hear from Ray later today with a little bit of news on how this is going. School starts tomorrow: Jayson don't be late......!

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