Our Plan

Phase Zero (Completed)

Phase Zero Summits 1 & 2 Height
Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Africa 5 963 m See Gallery
Aconcagua Argentina, South America 6 962 m See Gallery

The sections of this stage were completed in July 2011 and January 2012 respectively. These ventures were funded at a cost of R 80 000 and R 150 000 respectively, by Ray, using his own savings and personal donations from family, friends, colleagues and associates.

As a result of experience gained on Ray’s two Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions, Ray contacted The Sunflower Fund and the South African National Blood Transfusion Service (SANBS) and asked if he could promote their causes during his Aconcagua climb. They approved and both institutions Logos were flown high on Aconcagua’s summit.

Phases One - Three

Ray and Jay are scheduled to climb the remaining five peaks in the three stages at the following estimated costs:

Phase One Summits 2 & 3 Height Due Date Estimated Cost
(SA Rand)
Mount Elbrus Russia
5 633 m 22nd June 2012 82 000
Vinson Massif Ellsworth Range
4 897 m 26th Dec 2012 575 000
Phase Two Summit 5 Height Due Date Estimated Cost
(SA Rand)
Mount Everest Nepal/Tibet
8 848 m March 2015 1 300 000
Phase Three Summits 6 & 7 Height Due Date Estimated Cost
(SA Rand)
Carstensz Pyramid Indonesia
Oceania / Australia
4 884 m Jan-Dec 2016/17 250 000
Denali (Mount McKinley) Alaska
North America
6 195 m Jan-Dec 2016/17 250 000
Est. Total Cost  R 2 457 000
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