Weather and Physical Conditions

Please note the commitments made within this document/site are subject to the changes in the weather and other physical conditions beyond the control of Ray & Jay and their support team.

Although every effort will be made to fulfill the commitments we make, Ray & Jay will not be held liable for commitments they are unable to make as a result of poor weather and other physical or mental conditions impacting on the expeditions.

Expedition, Guides and Travel

Ray will be responsible for completing and securing all the Expedition, Guides and Travel arrangements (Including Air Tickets, Transfers, Tips, Ground travel, Medical Insurances etc.)

Clothing and Equipment

Due to the personal and specific nature of the equipment required for the various expeditions, Ray & Jay will be accountable for securing all the Clothing and Equipment they require, for each section of every stage of the whole project.

Every effort will be made to purchase equipment that can be used on more than one climb, however Ray & Jay will not sacrifice their health and safety by using old, inferior or defective clothing and equipment.

Items of old clothing and equipment used in the various expeditions will be given to one of the following:

  • The Sunflower Fund and/or SANBS to raffle, auction or sell for fund raising purposes.
  • Sponsors to archive, raffle, auction, sell or use for Marketing and Promotional purposes.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of Ray & Jay is of paramount importance.

Ray & Jay undertake to do everything in their power to make each expedition as safe as possible under the circumstances and to do everything to maintain the high standard of health required for the tasks they have set themselves.

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