Unique Aspects, Creating Media Attention

  • Essentially this is about a saved life and saving lives in the future

  • A Leukemia Survivor – A true-life, beyond reality, TV story of courage, success, relapse, conviction, heartbreak and success – an inspiration to Cancer and Leukemia Patients, Cancer Survivors and the general South African and International public.
    Who, these days, in this fast paced crazy wonderful world of ours, does not know one person close to them, who has or had cancer? Everyone values a true life story of bravery, disappointment, determination, success and winning. It gives fresh reason to get out of bed each day.

  • This venture is to draw attention to a number of essential causes: Blood, Platelets and Bone Marrow donations - directly related to Ray’s successful recovery and his ability to embark on a journey most people would believe impossible and never consider - let alone someone who has been hospitalized, bedridden and highly medicated for the major part of two years.

  • This unfolding story has a profound impact on altering peoples’ lives… forever
    ...including yours!

  • This conquering-of-adversity-turned-adventure involves a Father and Son team (in fact…a family team)…
    …who in 2006, turned the extraordinary incongruent carefree rough-and-tumble between a father and son, into the discovery of a non-fading bruise, the detection and diagnosis of leukemia and immediate life-saving hospitalisation - into a quest to show the world that there is life, lots of life, after apparent-tragedy.
    This father and son team, now share a uniquely, very different rough-and-tumble as they strive to climb, conquer and ‘summit the seven’ … as in integral part of their healing process and as a dynamic way of promoting the essential need for solid people like you and I to donate Blood, Platelets and Bone Marrow to save others lives.

  • Jay is the youngest South African to summit Aconcagua; will become the youngest South African to climb Vinson and Mount Everest, and is well on his way to becoming the youngest South African to complete all seven summits.
    In addition Jay has already proven his ability and resolve with his summits of Mount Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua – notably at 6 962 metres the seconded highest of seven continental peaks.

  • Highest and Lowest - As an Engineer in the mining industry, Ray (and Jay), ever up for a challenge, have the opportunity, should the arrangement be confirmed, to be the first person, the oldest and youngest men and the first father and son team to climb the highest Mountain in the World (Everest) and go the deepest underground.

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