Rest day at Camp 2 (5 300 m) & sms from Ray

The climb to Camp 2 involves a series of switchbacks that introduce climbers to the effects of high-altitude. Consistent steps are key to tackling the hard slog to Camp 2.
carryin from c1 to c2 s
Sms from Ray - "Left team at Camp one yesterday pm. All fine. Weather good in the mornings then cloudy with snow and wind. Jayson built a snowman. Not too cold. All on schedule still."

Day 8: Base Camp Plaza Argentina

evening sky at base campResting and acclimatization day in Plaza Argentina, when they will check equipment again and get ready for the following days that will be more strenuous. Yesterday portering of equipment to Camp 1, they would have had a packed-lunch and then returned to Plaza Argentina. This walk will assist with acclimatisation. They transport in a way to keep backpacks as light as possible and fundamentally to be able to gradually adapt to the altitude. During the load transportation to Camp 1, they will reach a level of 5 000 m. Then return to Plaza Argentina.

henk and johan mules ride over river s johan henk and frank s rod and henk jumping river s

Day 5: Casa de Piedra / Plaza Argentina Base Camp (4 000m)

plaza argentina sThe trek to Plaza Argentina Base Camp will take about 6 hours. Situated 4 000 m above sea level, Plaza Argentina is a wind-ridden esplanade, but a good place to camp. It is divided into tent plots for the different tour providers. It has a good medical service and a permanent park ranger. This is a good opportunity for the team to get to know the camp, take a shower and explore, as they will be spending a couple of days here.  They will re-group, reorganise and review the equipment with the guides.  Each of them will  have a medical check up and prepare the loads for transportation the next day. No more mules to help carry to the higher camps. For the next few days it's all about acclimatization and thus more chances to reach the summit. They will carry equipment up to Camp 1 and then back to base camp for the night.

The next few days will therefore be as follows:
Day 5: Casa de Piedra/Plaza Argentina
Day 6: Rest day at Plaza Argentina
Day 7: Carry to Camp 1
Day 8: Ascent to Camp 1
Day 9: Carry to Camp 2
Day 10: Rest at Camp 1
Day 11: Ascent to Camp 2
Day 12: Carry to Camp 3
Day 13: Ascent to Camp 3
Day 14: Summit day - 18th January

There are a few days extra for bad weather.

Hopefully later today, when they reach base camp, Ray will contact me with some news. Reception should be better here. By then the original documents (Hague Apostille for a minor) from DHL should have arrived in Mendoza, and Jayson will be allowed to continue to the higher camps.

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