The 7 Summits

7 summits elevation mapThe above picture shows nine (9) possible summits, according to the different definitions of continental borders. The Seven Summits are composed of each of the highest mountain peaks of each of the seven major continents.  Different lists include slight variations, but generally the same core is maintained throughout.

The two most popular lists are the Bass & Messner Lists.
The Bass List includes Mount Kosciuszko (2 228 m / 7 310 ft), which is the highest mountain of mainland Australia.
Reinhold Messner composed another list, replacing Mount Kosciuszko with Indonesia's Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) (4 884 m / 16 024 ft).
Messner's List is the more challenging of the two, and also the one Ray & Jay will be using.

Information & Images: Wikipedia

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