After Lunch featuring Ray

After lunch with Rosemary RoyeppenAfter Lunch with Rosemary Royeppen - Thursday 3 May 2012 - Host, Rosemary Royeppen & Solomon Nkabinde (sound engineer) with guest Ray Funnell.  Ray and Jay Funnell - Highlighting the Work and Needs of The Sunflower Fund (South African Bone Marrow Registry) and South African National Blood Service (Whole Blood and Platelet Donations) SPONSORSHIP DRIVE AND APPEAL.

Due to the voluntary donations of blood, platelets and bone marrow… plus his and his family’s willpower, love, guts and determination…Ray Funnell is alive and well today… and Ray is really living.  In their quest to live life large and to make the world aware of the constant need for donations of blood, platelets and bone marrow, Ray and his son Jay have set themselves an exceptional challenge… to climb the Seven Continents’ Seven Highest Mountain Peaks.

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