Congratulations Boys

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Congrats to Jayson, Johan, Henk, Mike, Rodney and Sibu for making the summit of Aconcagua. We are incredibly proud of all of you.

The whole team are safe and back at base camp - Plaza de Mulas. We got to see them on the webcam and it looked as if they had been sitting there relaxing for days not climbing the 2nd highest mountain in the world.  I spoke to Ray briefly via Satellite phone a few moments ago. He has lots of stories and experiences to share which he will post as soon as he is back in Mendoza. He was 280m short of the summit, he says that last stretch was very difficult and he was slowing everyone down so decided to turn back.  Jayson carried the Sunflower flag and his school flag to the top. I am so so proud of him. He could possibly be the youngest South African to summit Aconcagua (still trying to verify this).

Congratulations to everyone who went on  this awesome journey you can be so proud of your accomplishment.

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