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Hey!  What is Summit7? We're pleased you asked!

Ray & Jay

Summit7 is a Leukemia survivors’ mission to beat the odds and climb the highest mountain in each continent.

That is ‘… to boldly go where no leukemia survivor has gone before and to serve as the challenge that other cancer survivors see as an example of what is possible when you get out and live your dream…’ 

Ray dreamt of climbing high mountains while lying in a hospital bed enduring the rigors of high-dose chemo-therapy and a bone marrow transplant in a desperate attempt to save his life.  Now, three years later, Ray is living out his dream and heading for the top of the world, literally! Snowshoes, Sunglasses, Scarves and Beanies stuff.

Ray believes… no! Knows, that his story can and will inspire cancer and leukemia patients in hospital and at home and feels sure that the ensuing publicity of his climbs and other challenges will raise public awareness of the need for blood, platelet and bone marrow donors to come forward to donate to save lives!

And that's not all! What there's more!?

A Possible World First For South Africa! Eish!?

Jayson… Ray’s son, Jayson, presently only 15 years old, has also been smitten by the urge to face the massive madness of these monster mountain climbs and to give back to the associations that helped his Dad; in July 2011 Jay joined his dad on the World Famous Super Summit7 Adventure of a life time. Jay already has two successful summits under his belt and is working towards becoming the youngest South African to conquer to the 7 summits; a feat which only about 250 climbers have achieved to date.

Join us from your hospital or home bed, office and home computer and/or Mobile Phone and snowshoe this site and their Living Large Blog to see what these two crazy wonderful guys have done, how they are promoting their sponsors and beneficiaries’ check out how you can be involved and of course what Ray and Jay are doing next…

…become an active part of the impossible made world famously possible…

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